Laboratory of Anatomy, Biomechanics and Organogenesis


Age estimation of the osteological collection of Koksijde/Coxyde ("Abbaye des dunes")

Despite that several morphological variables of this significant skeletal collection have already been studied through papers or thesis, the age of this collection has never been approached! The objective of this study is to estimate the age of the skeletons of the collection of the Abbey of the Dunes according to four different methodologies (cranial sutures, dental wear, pubic symphysis and 4th rib). The validation of this multivariate method will be carried out on a collection of known age. Once the estimation of age is finalized, we will replace the various skeletons according to their site of exhumation and historical context of this ancient Abbey.

Researchers : J.P. Beauthier; J.P. Werquin; Ph. Lefèvre, R. Orban ; C. Polet (Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique).

Running studies: - more than 400 specimens (the Koksijde/Coxyde collection includes more than 1000 specimens) have been analyzed following several methods for age estimation.

This image shows one fragment of the skull of one of the ancient unhabitants of the "Abbey of the Dunes". This study will help to determine the time period where this abbey was occupied. dune skull


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