Laboratory of Anatomy, Biomechanics and Organogenesis


Estimate of stature and weight of an individual by the same segment –Typology approache

A preliminary study established a series of regression equations estimating the stature and weight of adult males according to anthropometric measurements of only one member segment: the hand. The goal of this study is to apply, at the same time, these equations and equations found in literature from the last ten years on a similar adults population and analyse the respective results. Estimation of body size is useful during criminal or accidental dismemberments in order to allow the reattribution of members.

Researchers : Ph. Lefèvre, J.C. Pineau, L.Lalys (CNRS – UPR 2147 Dynamique de l'Evolution - Paris).

Running study: - thirty measurements, including hand volume, have been performed on 40 living subjects.

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