Laboratory of Anatomy, Biomechanics and Organogenesis


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Museum of Anatomy and Embryology

The LABO is in charge of the local organisation of the ULB Museum of Anatomy and Embryology.

The Museum of Anatomy and Embryology has been founded during the XIXth century, in 1838, from existing collections available prior to the creation of our University. The founder of the Museum was Professor Louis Deroubaix. Gradually, the primary collections increased in size with new items mainly gathered under the leading of famous anatomists and embryologists such as Prof. Albert Dalcq and Prof. Albert Brachet. Through centuries, the Museum was located at various location, following the movements of the ULB Faculty of Medicine: first Rue des Sols, then Parc Léopold, Porte de Hal, and currently on the campus Erasme (where the current Faculty of Medicine is located next to the ULB Erasme Hospital).

The Museum includes numerous anatomical and embryological specimens: very old models made of wax and plaster (from the famous collection created by His-Steger, Tramond, Seifert and Nicolas) next to modern "plastinated" freshly-dissected specimens. Visitors can also discover anthropological castings, comparative models of teeth castings, and a very large collection of pathological bones and prosthesis. Numerous teratologic specimens (i.e., showing severe abnormal embryological development) have been analysed using medical imaging; the Museum also shows virtual models of these specimens visible on electronic support. Visitors can also observed dissected specimens used during anatomy classes given by the LABO members.

The Museum of Anatomy and Embryology is opened to the general public on request and includes a guided tour. If you are interested, please contact the LABO (contact information available here).

This image shows a wax specimen (left on image), from early XXth century, used to demonstrated some aspects of the head anatomy. On the right, the skeleton of a foetus is displayed. Wax Specimen found in the Museum of Anatomy and Embryology


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