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Body Donation

The LABO has under its umbrella the organization of the Body Donation program of the Université Libre de Bruxelles ( This service is organized according to ethical rules governing the handling of donations in the greatest respect for the donor and her/his family. The latter remains an indispensable partner in monitoring this altruistic and yet so useful act to the university community.

Why should I think about donating my remains?

Body donation for scientific and academic purposes is one of the keystones of quality medical education and modern research.

Being able to offer our students the opportunity to see the real anatomy, not only through books, allows them to better understand the complexities of human anatomy and subsequently become more efficient and secure in their profession whether in medicine or physiotherapy. Many countries, where the dissection of human remains is prohibited are jealous of our infrastructure to enable our students to be able to better prepare their future medical career business.

Besides students, trained surgeons will also benefit from this altruistic gift by allowing them to rehearse a difficult surgical technique to better before applying it in a surgery room on a patient who needs it.

Finally, modern research, whether Clinical, Biomedical and Biomechanical, necessarily requires access to human tissue in order to better understand the complex mechanisms of the Human Anatomy and Physiology, and allow new advances in Science.

In summary, to donate her/his body is an important gesture that benefits our entire society.

More information?

If you want more information about the ULB Body Donation program or to make an appointment, please contact Mr. Emile Godefroid (+32 2 555 63 66, email: who will process your query with the utmost discretion.