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Teaching materials

Various teaching materials are created and used within LABO. Some of those are used during classes; others are available to students for class rehearsal.

Multimedia classes. Part of our research results are directly integrated into locally-written animations using modern multimedia technologies. Such tools are used in order to distribute oral explanations to students through the ULB Virtual University.

Click here to access LABO multimedia classes (in French)

3D computer simulations. Computer graphics modelling allow the creation for simulation that help us to make some 3D aspects of Human Anatomy better understood by students. moment arm illustration
Plastination. This is a method that allows us to better preserve the dissected specimens. The preparations obtained are much more suitable for both teaching and rehearsing because they are dry and odourless. Plastinated specimens
Dissected specimens. The LABO is in charge of the ULB Body Donation program and the organisation of the dissection classes. Part of the dissections performed by our technical staff is used to illustrate our classes. Dissection is also a compulsary part of our students' practical education. dissection
Surface anatomy and palpation. This is also part of the techniques used to teach anatomy to our students in order to teach them how to approach a patient anatomy by trying to locate anatomical structures through the patient's skin. palpation class
Locally-adapted pedagogical materials. In order to be clinically relevant, students in Anatomy must improve their theoretical knowledge through practice. In countries where body donation programs are available, dissections can be organised. For other countries, where dissections canno't be organised, alternatives are developed within LABO to allow students to gain a good 3D anatomical insight thanks to the use of computer models. practise by 3D